Influencer marketing for the whiskey industry

Build a genuine connection to your target audience with a proven whiskey influencer.

I help distilleries of all sizes promote their whisky products. From start-ups just launching a product to established brands needing an increase in brand recognition.

Data Driven

If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” – Jim Barksdale.

Without data, we have no insight into what’s working; no way to make improvements; no foundation for calculating a return; and no foundation to build a strong relationship.

I understand the importance of giving you as much detail as possible about the network, the audience, engagements, and more, straight from the networks themselves. No smoke and mirrors – just facts.

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First, Be Authentic

Fake product reviews and bullshit hype is easy to spot. It turns the audience off and causes backlash for brands.

It’s why I will not work with any brand who has a product I don’t genuinely like.

My influencer packages take a multi-stepped approach designed to ensure you have a product I am comfortable putting my name behind.

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