History Of Whiskey in America – 1800 – 1824

David Beam

The Innovator


2nd Generation Beam

David Beam, third son of Jacob Beam, is born in the newly formed Commonwealth of Kentucky.



Basil Hayden, Sr. passes away.

At the age of 18, David Beam is named Distillery Manager of the James B. Beam Distillery Company by his father Jacob Beam.



David renames the distillery, Old Tub Distillery and converts the plant from pot stills over to column stills.

Joseph Washington Dant

Log Still Pioneer


1st Generation – Dant Family

Joseph Washington Dant is born on May 7th in Marion County Kentucky, to Johnathan and Mary.

3rd Generation – Hayden Family

On February 11, Raymond B. “RB” Hayden is born to Lewis Hayden and Mary Dant Hayden. (Lewis had no interest in whiskey, therefore is not listed anywhere else here.)



Jacob Beam turns over ownership of the distillery to David Beam at the age of just 20.