Along with his half-brother J.T.S. Brown Jr., George Garvin Brown started a whiskey business that was the first company in the US to put whiskey in a sealed bottle. George was a proponent of standards in whiskey production long before E.H. Taylor. He named his first...


Beam Industries introduces their small batch collection which included the new brands: Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s Uncut, and Baker’s, named after Baker Beam. In the same year, Sazerac, a family owned company out of New Orleans, purchases the George T. Stagg...


Elmer T. Lee, Master Distiller at the George T. Stagg Distillery, releases the industries first single barrel product in Blanton’s. He would retire the following year after a 45 year career with the distillery.


Parker Beam becomes the third Master Distiller of Heaven Hill Distillery, taking over for his father, Earl Beam. More facts about Heaven Hill from our friends at the Whiskey Jug. During his tenure as Master Distiller, Parker would go on to create the industry’s first...

Jim Beam Black

Jim B. Beam Distillery Company releases Jim Beam Black Double Aged Bourbon.