Martha Sue Hartsfield

Martha Sue Hartsfield is born to William J. Hartsfield and Barbara Belle Allen. At the age of 15, she joins her uncle James Henry Allen’s bootlegging operation throughout GA, TN, and AL. (Since she is still alive today, we must add (for legal purposes) that this...


Second generation moonshiner and bootlegging legend, “Big Jim” Allen passes away at the age of 77.
Barbara Belle Allen

Barbara Belle Allen

Barbara Belle Allen, sister to Henry Allen, is born in Acworth, GA. to James Harrison Allen and Mildred Proctor. She would later marry William “Bill” J. Hartsfield , part of the family whose name is on the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

James Henry Allen

James Henry Allen is born in Acworth, GA to Jim Harrison Allen. At the age of 16 he began bootlegging his father’s whiskey and moonshine covering west Georgia, Alabama, western Tennessee, and Mississippi. He is currently nominated for the National Moonshiners...


First generation moonshiner, Ezekiel Harrison Allen, passes away in Cobb County GA at the age of 76.