Booker Noe

Booker Noe

Born in Kentucky in 1929, Frederick Booker Noe II, served as the Master Distiller for The Jim Beam Distillery for over 40 years. He would coin the phrase “small batch” to describe his uncut, unfiltered bourbon, which was released as Booker’s...

Charles Lloyd Beam

Born to Roy Marion and Mittie Beam in Kentucky, Charles “Chuck” L. Beam would become the fourth master distiller of Four Roses Distillery in 1968. His uncles included Elmo Beam, Desmond Beam, and C. Everett Beam. During his tenure, Four Roses introduced...


Charles Everett Beam Sr., master distiller at Michter’s, passes away at the age of 82. He was the son of Joseph L. Beam, the brother of Elmo Beam, and the nephew of Minor Case Beam.


Joseph Elmo Beam, master distiller at Maker’s Mark, passes away at the age of 59.

Charles Everett Beam

Born in Nelson County, KY to Joseph L., C. Everett would become the master distiller for Michter’s. His uncle was Minor Case Beam.