Dying the same year as his father Taylor William Samuels, William Isaac Samuels passes away at the age of 52 in Kentucky.

William Isaac Samuels

Born to Taylor William Samuels, founder of T.W. Samuels Distillery, William Isaac would become a primary manager of the T. W. Samuels & Son Distillery with his father. He is the grandfather of Bill Samuels, Sr., founder of Maker’s Mark.


Taylor William Samuels, great-grandfather to Bill Samuels, Sr., founder of Maker’s Mark, passes away in Bardstown, KY at the age of 77.

Taylor William Samuels

Taylor William Samuels was born in Kentucky to William and Sarah. In 1844 he would establish the T.W. Samuels Distillery, from his father’s little family farm setup.┬áHe is the great-grandfather of T. William (Bill) Samuels, Sr., founder of Maker’s Mark...