George Garvin Brown, founder of the Brown-Forman Company, passed away in Louisville, KY at the age of 70.


While walking home from work, J.T.S. Brown, Sr. was hit by a streetcar and died two weeks later at the age of 76.


By 1874, J.T.S. Brown, Sr. and his brother George Garvin Brown, were in a disagreement over the quality of the product they were producing. George favored higher quality with higher prices, but J.T.S. wanted to cater to a wider audience with a cheaper, less potent...


J.T.S. Brown, Sr. relocates his wholesale liquor company to Main Street in Louisville, KY (a.k.a. “Whiskey Row”) and changed the name to J.T.S. Brown and Brother after bringing his half-brother George Garvin into the business.
John Thompson Street Brown, Sr.

John Thompson Street Brown, Sr.

J. T. S. Brown, Sr. was born in Louisville, KY, he was part of a six generation family that grew into the largest whiskey producing company in the world.